Why CEOs say "NextGen delivers Senior Executives & Functional  Leaders that not only Meet, but Exceed  Expectations"...


Identifying & delivering Senior Executives & Functional Leaders

A Retained Search Strategy proven to help grow your business

Innovative Technology

Cutting-edge Leadership Vault™ search technology assures shortlisted candidates are both Team Fit and Role Fit

Success Based Fees

Flat fee eliminates conflict of interest with compensation based fees. Up to 24 months replacement guarantee.

Talent Acquisition

#1 reason for executive failure is temperament and lack of team fit. We deliver bonafide "A players" that  meet/exceed expectations.

Save Time & Money

Deep relationships means we identify passive candidates quickly and provide deep documentation on KPIs.


Proven Methodolgy

12 Steps

Identify & assess candidates using 12 effective steps

Industry Leading

93 % Rentention

After 3.5 years of hire,  executives we placed still  working for clients

Replacement Guarantee

24 Months

Eliminate risk with a 12 - 24 month replacement guarantee

Testimonials - What Are Clients Saying?

Companies Trust NextGen for Retained Search Executive Needs


We know finding the right leader in an executive role can be a stressful process. We've developed an effective recruitment system to find, document, and assess a shortlist that meets your critical need.  NextGen Global retained executive search process is backed by over 30 years of proven results in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, Aerospace | UAV | Aviation power systems, Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare, Industrial Automation including Robotics and Industrial IoT, Medical Devices and Electronic Health Records, Mobile Wireless and IoT data / devices.

Retained Search