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the Security Vulnerabilities IoT Medical Devices on wireless networks

Security Vulnerabilities IoT Medical Devices on Wi-Fi Networks

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is gradually realizing a radical transformation of healthcare services based on the deployment of numerous medical devices, which already represent a considerable segment of the billions of internet-connected devices that are nowadays available.  The security vulnerabilities IoT medical devices affects many different types of in-hospital equipment including diagnostic equipment (e.g., MRI (Magnetic Resonance […]

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IFE Profit Margins – A Delicate Dance for Commercial Airlines

For business jets and commercial airlines, IFE profit margins is of vital importance.  In the not too distant past, airlines depended on essentially the same technology for IFE, aka In-Flight Entertainment, as most any movie theater.  A film was shot directly onto a screen using a projector, and customers could listen to the film via […]

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Next Technology Healthcare Cyber Attacks to Devices, Apps, and Cloud

Embracing next technology healthcare technologies without adequate preparation will only open new risk avenues and threat vectors.  Technology is perceived as a solution to address operational inefficiencies within the healthcare industry and to expand the reach of high quality healthcare services to remote regions. But the risks are mounting. Vulnerable Devices for Critical Medical Practices […]

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The Top 5 Skills Executive Hiring Managers seek Interviewing Leaders

Executive Hiring Managers – Top 5 Skills sought when Interviewing Leaders

Investors are usually attracted towards companies that have great potential, not only in the present, but also in the future. That means, business organizations are always on the lookout for talented and skilled leaders who can contribute greatly to their goals. When it comes to interviewing leaders, executive hiring managers are keen on how you […]

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A Proactive Ransomware Mitigation Strategy for Electronic Health Records

Ransomware is distributed as a social engineering ploy via email, malicious links and malvertizing, among other techniques. A proactive ransomware mitigation strategy is needed as once a user falls prey to these human exploits, ransomware is downloaded to the victim’s computer to begin the malicious process.  The virus attempts to connect with encryption-key servers, takes […]

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