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Next Technology Healthcare Cyber Attacks to Devices, Apps, and Cloud

Embracing next technology healthcare technologies without adequate preparation will only open new risk avenues and threat vectors.  Technology is perceived as a solution to address operational inefficiencies within the healthcare industry and to expand the reach of high quality healthcare services to remote regions. But the risks are mounting. Vulnerable Devices for Critical Medical Practices […]

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The Top 5 Skills Executive Hiring Managers seek Interviewing Leaders

Executive Hiring Managers – Top 5 Skills sought when Interviewing Leaders

Investors are usually attracted towards companies that have great potential, not only in the present, but also in the future. That means, business organizations are always on the lookout for talented and skilled leaders who can contribute greatly to their goals. When it comes to interviewing leaders, executive hiring managers are keen on how you […]

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A Proactive Ransomware Mitigation Strategy for Electronic Health Records

Ransomware is distributed as a social engineering ploy via email, malicious links and malvertizing, among other techniques. A proactive ransomware mitigation strategy is needed as once a user falls prey to these human exploits, ransomware is downloaded to the victim’s computer to begin the malicious process.  The virus attempts to connect with encryption-key servers, takes […]

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Fundamental Leadership Training is Key Your Company’s Success

Successful businesses are identified by their fundamental leadership training as they go hand in hand. Such executive managers are individuals who have been properly vetted, trained, and placed in positions where they can thrive. But getting there requires following a carefully crafted plan to ensure each leader’s success. By adhering to fundamental leadership training, companies […]

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Renewable Jet Fuels

Renewable Jet Fuels Viability in Commercial Flights

The year 2016 witnessed regular flight operations of United Airlines in U.S. using renewable jet fuels (RJF). This marked the beginning of commercial-scale usage of the alternate jet fuel by aviation industry. As of today the commercial viability has been achieved for RJF through demonstration of techno-economic feasibility for production path-ways (processes) namely HEFA (Hydro-processed […]

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