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Employee Retention of Tech Talent Interview by DICE

When it comes to beginning a program of combining recruitment and employee retention together, an employer can update software programs, build more robust networks, create better security systems… there are five smart ways to retain top technical talent. Technology hiring and investment have been two bright spots in an overall slow job market and uneven economic recovery. […]

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Professional references in candidate assessment

Professional References You Can’t Control WSJ Interview

Job References You Can’t Control There are professional references you cannot control. Job interviewees, beware: Your prospective boss may have called your job references before you walk through the door — and they may not be the contacts you provided. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn Corp. and Jobster Inc. are making it easier for […]

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big biller

Executive Recruiting – Big Biller Success in Retained Search

In executive recruiting, “What Makes the Big Billers Tick – Secrets of Success”   shows recruiters first- hand how Big Billers have achieved their million dollar success in recruiting.  Produced by Bill Vick and Des Walsh, the audiobook DVD with over ten hours of audio from live interviews with executive recruiting industry top producers, and an […]

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