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Ai Impacts Aerospace Power Management Systems

Power management is an essential function in our technological society.  Controlling the flow of electricity is necessary to powering buildings, maintaining efficient computer systems, and providing energy to vehicle accessories. And it is critical to operating systems on airplanes and spacecraft.  Engineers are turning to efficient design to conserve and control power by looking to […]

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IFE Profit Margins – A Delicate Dance for Commercial Airlines

For business jets and commercial airlines, IFE profit margins is of vital importance.  In the not too distant past, airlines depended on essentially the same technology for IFE, aka In-Flight Entertainment, as most any movie theater.  A film was shot directly onto a screen using a projector, and customers could listen to the film via […]

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Renewable Jet Fuels

Renewable Jet Fuels Viability in Commercial Flights

The year 2016 witnessed regular flight operations of United Airlines in U.S. using renewable jet fuels (RJF). This marked the beginning of commercial-scale usage of the alternate jet fuel by aviation industry. As of today the commercial viability has been achieved for RJF through demonstration of techno-economic feasibility for production path-ways (processes) namely HEFA (Hydro-processed […]

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