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Team Fit and Role Fit Most Candidate Assessments Fail to Measure.

Team Fit and Role Fit – Most Candidate Assessments Fail to Measure

Corporate recruiters and staffing firms utilize various forms of screening interviews and candidate assessments but fail to measure role fit and team fit to help determine who makes the shortlist for for the Hiring Manager to consider. For executive recruiters it’s a combination of interview notes, references, details about accomplishments, and the recruiter’s gut feeling that these are the candidates […]

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interview thank you lette

Interview Thank You Letter: Email or Snail Mail?

In this day of hyper electronic communication it’s easy for recruiters and Hiring Managers to get lost in the maze.  While I have nothing against emails, texts, tweets, etc., etc., I tend to sometimes forget the advantage of personal touch of an interview thank you letter sent via snail mail, right to the interviewers door. […]

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The pitfalls of job boards

Job Boards – Be Aware of the Pitfalls and Privacy Issues

recI receive dozens of calls and emails every week on the subject of job boards vs recruiters.  Here are a few job search tips to help you choose for a career search.  Do NOT post your name, email address, resume, phone number, current and previous employer, and education information for all to view on a […]

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unemployed executives feel ignored and anxious

Unemployed Executives Feel Ignored When Out of Work

The question, “Why Executives Feel Ignored when Out of a Job” was posted by Digital Marketing Manager for AESC , in a Discussion on being unemployed in the Linkedin group Executive Search Network. There are several factors involved in why executives feel ignored when out of work and unemployed.  I strictly do retained search and my […]

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Career Transition

Career Transition – Helping the Underemployed Find Work

As an active member of Harvest Bible Chapel in Naperville Illinois, Craig Hufford is part of the leadership team for the Career Transition Group, a group for current employees, job seekers, passive candidates and people in career transition – to discuss careers and jobs with HR managers, recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches. Career Transition […]

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