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Industrial IoT predictive maintenance PdM

Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance is a Killer Application

Despite the proliferating number of consumer devices and the growing interest of consumers in the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the lion’s share of IoT business value is expected to be generated in the scope of business to business transactions that require data analysis within industrial IoT predictive maintenance.  Indeed, IIoT is on such a growth pattern many […]

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Electrical cars seismic forces change power generation

Seismic Forces Change Power Generation and Distribution

It happened in 2007. Ten years ago the trajectory for electrical use in America peaked and started down a different course, declining for reasons we don’t fully understand yet. No, this wasn’t a one-time drop but a clear shift, moving in a new downward direction that continues to this day. While the seismic forces change power generation […]

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Geothermal Power Generation Trend in Renewable Energy

The geothermal power generation trend increases as geothermal energy is proven to be a clean, renewable resource providing energy around the world for centuries in various forms of hot springs. Keeping special areas with signs like hot springs aside, the heat of the earth is available for everyone everywhere. Modern use of geothermal energy include […]

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