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​Executives and leaders have gotten where they are because of their drive to win, their intuitive ability to close a deal, and their ambition to be the best at what you do. The current searches we undertake reveal that executive jobs are on the rise.

Candidates we talk to relish taking calculated risks, are open to career advancement opportunities and they aren’t afraid of creating strategies and implementing plans that positively impact both a company’s bottom line and the marketplace.


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As our current searches and case studies attest to, NextGen Global Executive Search is a retained search firm engaged by clients worldwide to identify and recruit top talent to fill executive jobs.  For more than 30 years, our team has placed over 400 executives in senior executive management roles within systems / software / hardware / sales engineering and product management / PLM; global / national sales leaders; executives in business development / partner and portfolio management; digital / online / product marketing; manufacturing, operations, and finance).

AI & Robotics

Machine Learning / NLP

Power Systems

Aerospace & Industrial 

Medical Devices

Medical Class II / III & EHR

Internet of Things 

Mobile / Wireless

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Current Searches & Confidential Executive Jobs

Unlike contingency search firms, our fees are paid by employers according to our expertise and delivery, not on marketing candidates or finding #executivejobs for people. For current searches or any search we undertake, we rarely work with active job seekers who are unemployed, underemployed, not producing, or have their resume posted on job boards or your headline on LinkedIn is “looking for a new job.”

Though over half of the candidates we place are by referral, we know there is potential across the marketplaces we serve. We have an eye for talent, but if we don’t know who you are, we can’t help land you the perfect career opportunity. Even if you’re happy in your current role, get on our radar and connect with us even if one of our current searches or executive jobs  is not ideal for you. Candidate information is confidential, and we never share anything with anyone without first discussing the opportunity with you, assessing your role fit and team fit, and getting your approval to speak with our client on your behalf.


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