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Placing Leaders with Next Generation Recruiting 

next generation recruiting

In next generation recruiting, finding effective corporate executive business leadership and key department / division managers is the key to your company’s success in the marketplace. The Leadership Vault™, NextGen’s client facing recruitment platform, is key to unearth, identify, recruit, and assess passive candidates in high tech markets including artificial intelligence and robotics; aerospace cabin power (conversion, distribution, supplies); cyber security/ defense/ mobile security; industrial power systems; medical devices and electronic health records; Internet of Things connected data and devices; mobile networks and wireless systems infrastructure. 

Working with internal corporate recruiters and external search firms, after completing the interview process, you may not feel 100% confident in your hiring choice. Next generation recruiting eliminates this issue by using PREDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY for accurate in-depth CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT.

It's about "A Players" in Next Generation Recruiting

Each candidate that NextGen determines to be viable for the shortlist is then analyzed to reveal whether he/she can meet or exceed the performance objectives of the role. This also reveals the candidate’s inner needs in order to assess whether they are being met in his/her current job or if they would realistically be met in a potential new business leadership role.

The next generation recruiting platform, the Leadership Vault™, not only reveals whether the candidate is a strong or potential team fit; it produces a report that enables the Client to select the best mentoring/coaching approach. This adds considerably to understanding your team’s true culture and how the candidates’ style impacts team dynamics.

Increase Business Leadership Retention

One of the most attractive parts of the next generation recruiting methodology, the Leadership Vault™, is how it improves retention. Many times, executives and employees alike leave their departments or companies because they their business leadership strengths are underutilized; or the role no longer feels challenging (appealing) or they see no chance to move up in the corporate ladder.

We provide two key Onboarding reports that prioritize the performance objectives of the role by identifying his/her key strengths and key developmental areas with a plan that will improve the new hire’s execution of business leadership in his / her new role with quick assimilation into the corporate culture, faster productivity, and longer retention.

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