Talent Management

Talent Management is the science of using strategic recruitment, custom onboarding, employee self-development plans, and retention planning to improve employees and teams value and to make it possible for companies to reach their goals.   Many companies are unaware that not reaching production levels, lower retention, and team performance issues are due to improper employee role placement and team members misalignment.  

  • Do you actually know your team members’ individual capabilities, proficiencies, limitations, and aspirations?
  • Has a one-size-fits-all onboarding resulted in staff level of engagement dropping?
  • Is this person proven as valuable in mentoring and managing  for your next generation workforce?
  • Do your job descriptions align talent strategy with the corporate strategy or just list qualifications?
  • Do you solely rely upon “corporate culture” and fail to scientifically determine each team’s current dynamics and how each employee / new hire impacts their team?

Talent Management begins with proper Staff Alignment

NextGen has developed a Talent Management System to help workforces become more productive. A custom onboarding plan includes mentoring, coaching, and new hire self-development action plans that can be measured.  Department heads take a brief online psychometric based survey  then take a brief Job which are then combines into a Composite Team Profile.

Employees of individual teams are given a corresponding survey that identifies their behavioral patterns including motivations, relational communications skills, decision making traits, and conflict resolution skills.  In addition, we measure their ability to sell their ideas / solutions and persuade others.  

This allows department heads and management to view how each staff member impacts team dynamics by looking at how his/her style might influence those dynamics.   You can then make better hiring decisions, utilize strengths of individuals and realize their weaknesses, as well as how best to coach, mentor, and manage both individuals and teams.

The #1 reason for new hire failure has nothing to do with skills and experience; rather it is a failure to gel with the team, personality conflicts often ensue, or the particular behavioral/temperament strengths of the person are underutilized in your talent management system.

talent management

Composite Job Survey

  • Reveals the specified behavior pattern and the expectations for high performance in each role.
  • Summarizes  how the leader should approach motivating, onboarding, team building.
  • Identifies the Desired Candidate or Employee’s ideal decision making / problem solving traits and relational communications style for that role
  • Reveals how the team and individual sells their ideas and risk assessment plus how they can lead change efforts.

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Role / Team Fit Analysis

  • Reveals a Potential Candidate or Employee’s behavioral pattern; how well he/she fits the role they are in.
  • Enables leadership to understand the candidate / employee inner needs to assess whether they are being met in his/her current job or if they would realistically be met in a new role.
  • Developmental Learning Style report build the onboarding plan with the correct mentoring / coaching or training approach.
  • Team Approach report helps you to understand how he/she works within the team and impact team dynamics.

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Face-to-Face Interview Guide

  • Compares the profile of a Candidate to the role demands. Assists the Hiring Team with an interview strategy that probes more deeply into on-the-job behaviors.
  • If you spend the interview on screening the candidate’s background, accomplishments, etc. the recruiter FAILED to do his/her job.
  • NextGen delivers documented details on everything about the candidate proving requisite expertise to meet or exceed the role’s objectives.
  • Shortlisted candidates (2-3) each come with a custom onboarding plan.

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Improve ROI / Team Performance with Proper Onboarding

The Talent Management evaluation system that utilizes mission/vision/values is most relevant. Executives need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals to align a team properly. Combined with an efficient onboarding plan for mentoring and coaching, average performers turn into top performers.

The principals at NextGen have developed the Leadership Vault, in cooperation with McQuaig Psychometric Systems, to produce tools that enable best practice Talent Management, proper Staff Alignment, a custom onboarding plan, and improves Talent Acquisition.

Whether you are in the Aerospace Power, Cyber / Mobile Security, Medical Devices, Wireless Telecom, or Internet of Things markets, rest assured that linking the talent management and talent acquisition process to a strategic onboarding process for new hires turns organizations into vibrant communities. As a result of engaging NextGen to help with Talent Management, you will:

  • Significantly reduce hiring costs
  • Reduce turnover with custom onboarding for recruiting ROI
  • Competent decision-making taking place at lower levels
  • Hiring managers interview the “right” candidates

Talent Management – Alignment – Onboarding

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