recruitment markets

recruitment markets

The principals of NextGen Global Executive Search have retained recruitment market executive search expertise in Ai and robotics, aerospace power and aviation IFE, cyber security, industrial power systems,  medical devices and EHR, IoT connected devices, mobile networks, and wireless systems. 

Known by clients worldwide for our ability to recruit "diamonds in the rough", we provide Succession Bench for top corporate leaders and Retained Executive Search for senior management levels. 

High Tech Recruitment Markets

As a preferred retained executive search firm in the technology  recruitment markets we serve, we act as part of your Human Capital Strategy and work as consultants with expertise in leadership rather than simply paper pushing resumes.

When clients speak to us, we listen to gain a clear understanding of your vision, market strategy, culture, and values.

Our recruiting expertise stands out in how we communicate with clients early and often.

Every retained search we recruit and place comes with custom Onboarding Tools to ensure longer retention.

We have a passion for success utilizing our award-winning Leadership Vault recruiting platform. As experts in the industries we serve, we utilize cutting-edge predictive validity for accurate in-depth candidate assessment, delivers candidates that fit both TEAM and ROLE, and streamlines the search process while increasing new hire retention.

Executive Search Recruitment Markets Focused Expertise

  • Confidential Board & C-Level: CXO / SVP / EVP
  • Engineering & Program Leaders: SVP / VP systems, software, RF, operations
  • Sales & Marketing Management: global, product marketing, business development

From startups in AI and robotics to mid-cap companies building advanced medical devices to growth markets in Internet of Things mobile wireless data and devices, and major players in aerospace and industrial power systems, you can count on NextGen Global Executive Search to identify and deliver "A players" in hi-tech recruitment markets to you.

With deep contacts in ​the mobile wireless, aviation and aircraft, and power systems recruitment markets, NextGen has the best replacement guarantee at up to 24 months combined with a 93% retention rate after 3.5 years employment by new hires we've placed.