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Ai and robotics retained executive search firm

AI and Robotics retained executive search consultants of NextGen Global help clients improve on past iterations, becoming smarter and more aware to enhance their capabilities and market share by placing high impact "A players" in senior leadership positions.  

As clients enable robot-integrated CIM systems and analytics to have more natural interactions between humans and machines, AI can meet the demands of both industrial and consumer needs.

The AI and robotics retained executive search consultants of NextGen Global have successfully recruited CXOs, SVPs, and VPs for startups, midcap, and spin-offs that are developing artificial intelligence software/ hardware and robotics using natural language and context-aware processing, deep learning, augmented reality UI/UX, chatterbots, pattern recognition, industrial automation, neural networks, machine learning, and biometrics. 

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FOCUSED on AI and Robotics Retained Executive Search

With the increase of connected devices and systems via the Internet of Things, AI will drive fraud detection, autonomous guided vehicles, medical devices, and computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM).

NextGen Global Executive Search is retained by clients worldwide to identify and recruit "A players" to fill key roles in executive management and functional leadership.  Whether your need is to  develop controllers, robotic arms, end effectors, drives, sensors, UX design, mobile, behavioral algorithms, MEAN stack, big data analytics, machine learning, and APIs, our executive search firm is in the forefront of the burgeoning AI market.    Our expertise includes:

AI and Robotics Retained Executive Search
  • Consumer Based Fitness/Sports/Medical 
  • AI-Guided Drones and UAVs
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Chemical Rubber & Plastic
  • Customer Self-Service and Retail
  • Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Facial Recognition Advertising and Marketing
  • Fraud Detection / Cyber Security
  • Health Assistance / Medical Management Drug Development
  • Infotainment HMI
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Oil & Gas Exploration / Production (E&P) Life Cycle
  • Wealth Management / BFSI
  • Agriculture Crop Monitoring / Automated Irrigation / GPS Harvesting Systems

Recruiting AI and Robotics Executive Leaders

Recruiting AI and Robotics Leaders in retained executive search

New robotics can recognize human body language and voice inflection and responds appropriately. Robotics is moving into field, service, and assistive that will operate in industrial, agricultural, and consumer homes. Close human-robot interaction demand novel actuators that demonstrate robustness and resilience.

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