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self organizing networks in hetnet

Self Organizing Networks drives down the Cost of Mobile HetNets

As technology continues to advance, Self organizing networks known as SON has promise for the large cellular carriers that run LTE but additionally for smaller networks running on Wi-Fi and femtocells.  The goal of all carriers is to lower their overall operating costs and increase cost effectiveness.  Should SON use HET-NET, there are some advantages […]

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5G Wireless in Long Range Drone Control

5G Wireless – the Future of Long Range Drone Control

According to wireless technology company Qualcomm, “5G connectivity will enable a worldwide boom in drone use, for fun, research, and business.” But for now, U.S. drone activity is limited to line-of-sight control. Regulations will need to catch up to the fast-developing technology.to enable the future of long range drone control. “A Highway in the Sky”  […]

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Network Function Virtualiztion blog article NextGen Global Executive Search

Network Function Virtualization – What NFV will do for Operators

NFV Network Function Virtualization is ready to take off. As Dylan would say, the times they are a changin’.  Network Function Virtualization has come to the mobile operator, and according to strategic business advisor Northstream. It will be part of a “natural evolution of existing infrastructures” bringing greater efficiency and lower costs. But the key will […]

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