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Revolutionize Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cyber-security has always been a major concern for providers, vendors and operators of IT systems and services. Despite increased investments in security technology, this has not changed, as evident in several notorious cyber-attacks and related security incidents that have taken place during the last couple of years.  It’s time to revolutionize cyber security with artificial […]

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Facing New Cyber Warfare Tactics – Implement CCI Methods for IoT / Infrastructure

Cyberspace is an official battlefield for almost a decade in many states. According to a series of data breach investigations report (2013-2016) of Verizon facing new cyber warfare tactics, despite cyber criminals remain a major actor category in causing data breaches, the significant participation of nation-states and state-affiliated groups in cyber-operations is not to be […]

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Battling Cyber Hackers with Public and Private Cooperation

Except those who are simply not following the election cycle or are living without television, we are all battling cyber hackers. The scandal of Hillary Clinton and using a private email server for classified information as Secretary of State is a big deal.  Additionally, she allegedly deleted over 30,000 emails and scrubbed the server a […]

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