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IoT Security Chipset in Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices with IoT Security and Vulnerabilities

Embedded Devices, once thought to be too small to include their own security, undergo a more thorough analysis beginning with firmware testing. The software inside the chip is just as important as the application controlling it. Both need to be tested for security and quality. Some of the early IoT botnets have leveraged vulnerabilities and […]

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Danger of IoT Botnets - NextGen Global Executive Search.

IoT Botnets – How Can We Protect against the Threat?

IoT Botnets is the term used to describe a network of devices that have been compromised by a cybercriminal and are being used to conduct a coordinated attack. Typically these devices are a mixture of computers and mobile devices.  IoT Botnets can be utilized for many different types of cyber attack. Spam email campaigns and […]

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IoT medical devices wearables NextGen Global Executive Search

IoT Medical Devices Transform Healthcare with Implants and Wearables

IoT medical devices transform future healthcare changing changing every aspect of our social and professional lives as billions of pervasive devices enable the acquisition of timely and accurate information about our personal context, the data gathering transforms what doctors can do with actionable knowledge The healthcare sector provides an excellent example of the way in […]

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Could Blockchain Technology Secure IoT Infrastructure?

Could Blockchain Technology Secure IoT Infrastructure? The growth of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) paradigm is currently propelled by an unprecedented increase in the number of internet-connected devices. Even though the Cisco’s 2011 projection about 50 billion devices in 2020 is not ending up being very accurate, more recent estimates by Gartner and IHS confirm the tremendous […]

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