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comprehensive background checks for executive levels

Comprehensive background checks best practices

Your time is a valuable commodity. When you consider taking on a high-touch candidate destined for executive placement it is of even greater importance, as the time you spend performing comprehensive background checks may be considerable. Above all, you don’t want to lose on your investment.  Knowing what potential dangers lurk before you put a […]

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job references and professional reference calls

Job References – Making Calls vs. Automated Software

All companies expect job references, aka professional and employment references to be conducted prior to making an offer of employment or shortly thereafter.  Nine times out of ten these are pre-determined references provided by the candidate.  Some may well include former bosses, former or current colleagues, and industry references. How Valid are those Job References? That is the real […]

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Professional references in candidate assessment

Professional References You Can’t Control WSJ Interview

Job References You Can’t Control There are professional references you cannot control. Job interviewees, beware: Your prospective boss may have called your job references before you walk through the door — and they may not be the contacts you provided. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn Corp. and Jobster Inc. are making it easier for […]

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