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Mobile Device Security BYOD

Mobile Device Security – Best Practices for Workplace BYOD

Going online increasingly means going mobile. “There’s an app for that” is the truth these days. Unfortunately, mobile device security brings the same set of concerns that full computer and cloud systems are battling – threats, hacking, and ransomware. The biggest security threat to mobile devices that is not found in desktops or servers is […]

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Are you Prepared to Defend against Mobile Threat Exploits?

When we think of cyber threats to endpoints, typically what comes to mind is the need to protect our PC’s and laptops. Many more businesses are adding comprehensive security solutions and user policies administered to include mobile threat exploits. But it’s unquestionable now that mobile phones are just as likely (if not more likely) to […]

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Danger of IoT Botnets - NextGen Global Executive Search.

IoT Botnets – How Can We Protect against the Threat?

IoT Botnets is the term used to describe a network of devices that have been compromised by a cybercriminal and are being used to conduct a coordinated attack. Typically these devices are a mixture of computers and mobile devices.  IoT Botnets can be utilized for many different types of cyber attack. Spam email campaigns and […]

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