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cost of hire in a failed executive

Cost of Hire is High in Executive Failure due to Poor Talent Acquisition

When the initial cost of hire becomes the mindset in talent acquisition, the road to executive failure increases.  The cost of hire Several times over my career in Executive Search I find myself working with a candidate who believes they are an ideal fit for a retained search assignment I am conducting. The cost of […]

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why employee recognition program works

Employee Recognition Program – 3 Reasons Why it Works

A well designed employee recognition program results in higher levels of engagement have proven, repeatedly, higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater increase in productivity, greater company loyalty, higher profits, and better customer satisfaction.  Let’s look at the facts.  In 2013, a poll conducted by Gallup found that 87 percent of workers surveyed in countries all […]

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The Top 5 Skills Executive Hiring Managers seek Interviewing Leaders

Executive Hiring Managers – Top 5 Skills sought when Interviewing Leaders

Investors are usually attracted towards companies that have great potential, not only in the present, but also in the future. That means, business organizations are always on the lookout for talented and skilled leaders who can contribute greatly to their goals. When it comes to interviewing leaders, executive hiring managers are keen on how you […]

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Fundamental Leadership Training is Key Your Company’s Success

Successful businesses are identified by their fundamental leadership training as they go hand in hand. Such executive managers are individuals who have been properly vetted, trained, and placed in positions where they can thrive. But getting there requires following a carefully crafted plan to ensure each leader’s success. By adhering to fundamental leadership training, companies […]

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Retained Search Firm Improves Bottom Line with a Competitive Edge

Today companies have a hectic schedule due to keeping up with the competitiveness of the industry. Resources and time becomes constricted and companies do not have the time to implement a thorough recruitment and screening process.  Relying upon job boards, LinkedIn, focusing on branding and “social responsibility” on web site career portals brings in hundreds […]

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