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Poor Executive Performance and How to Avoid It

Poor Executive Performance .…What to Do…. and How to Avoid It

Difficult Conversations – Poor Executive Performance ……… and How to Avoid It Dealing with a poor executive performance can be frustrating. It can be complex and time consuming to make sure you get the right result – an improvement in their performance, or failing that, them being managed out of the organisation in a fair […]

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Screening candidates cultural fit and team fit

Screening Candidates Cultural Fit and Team Fit

Work is a lot like life in general in that screening candidates cultural fit is what makes good hires and good workers. In life, we tend to mingle with people who are quite like ourselves. As an individual, a person would usually be drawn to another who expresses similarities, in language, music, and style are […]

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Team Fit and Role Fit Most Candidate Assessments Fail to Measure.

Team Fit and Role Fit – Most Candidate Assessments Fail to Measure

Corporate recruiters and staffing firms utilize various forms of screening interviews and candidate assessments but fail to measure role fit and team fit to help determine who makes the shortlist for for the Hiring Manager to consider. For executive recruiters it’s a combination of interview notes, references, details about accomplishments, and the recruiter’s gut feeling that these are the candidates […]

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Team Dynamics and Team Fit for Hiring

Team Dynamics are Impacted by Applicant Role / Team Fit Analysis

Team Dynamics Starts with Candidate Role Fit Loads of companies and recruiters use some type of screening tests.  While some have a DISC or similar behavioral candidate profile, few consider the effectiveness of profiling the candidate for role fit analysis based on the hiring team dynamics as an essential first step in performance based recruiting. Most […]

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